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Periodontal care in a calm, relaxing and luxuriant environment.

The Gum Studio recognises the importance of the gums as the foundation of dental, oral and whole body health and well being. The Gum Studio focuses on all aspects of the gums and supporting structures of the teeth and offers specialised and advanced gum health treatments. We are APHRA (Board) registered specialists in this area of periodontics (gums) and the team are committed to the highest standards of patient care, integrity and ethics.


Collaboration is at the core of what we do, and we embrace this team approach to achieve the best oral health outcomes. This involves engaging with other dental and health practitioners as well as family, care givers and most importantly – you. We strive to find individual and tailored approaches to your specific needs and requirements using the latest technology to achieve gold standard outcomes.

A photo looking up at green trees against a blue sky.

Focused on environmental sustainability.

The Gum Studio aims to reduce its environmental impact, promote a healthier workplace, and contribute to a more sustainable future whilst maintaining the highest standard of care which our clients expect.

We are striving to reduce our environmental impact and we try to:

non-clinical items

Avoid using single-use (disposable) items where possible

Reduce consumption

Reuse non-
clinical items

Some of the sustainable practices we are using include:

Water Conservation

Digital Records, Radiographs and Communication

Green Energy

Biodegradable Materials

We are using green energy source and have solar panels. This helps to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions associated with electricity use.

Digital radiographs limit the amount of chemicals and plastics required for processing and for storage.

Biodegradable or compostable materials such as bamboo toothbrushes or compostable dental floss are preferenced where possible

We have installed low-flow faucets and toilets. We also utilise steam sterilization instead of water-based methods.

Minimise single-use items


We recycle where possible. Separate bins for paper, plastic, and other recyclable materials

Sustainable Procurement

We aim to purchase products and supplies from sustainable sources, whilst at the same time limit suppliers to minimize transport emissions. This includes choosing environmentally friendly cleaning products, using biodegradable disposable items, and selecting eco-friendly dental materials where possible.

A photo of a female dentist with a blonde ponytail, holding dental tools to a patient's mouth. She is wearing a white face mask.

Independent practice.

We are proudly independent and accept all patients and not loyal to any one health fund or third party.

At The Gum Studio we encourage our patients to explore their options and do their research and hold private health insurance, only if they feel it is appropriate for their situation. It is important for patients to read the ‘fine print’ as there are usually hidden catches with health insurance companies.

Some patients prefer to avoid health insurance premiums altogether as the value to them is minimal compared to the premium paid and instead put money aside in an interest earning account for their dental treatment and use it as they require it. In periodontics, regular preventive maintenance appointments helps to keep the cost of dental treatment more predictable and can also prevent some dental problems from occurring.

The important thing to understand is that health insurance companies may not have the same level of interest in your health care that you and your periodontist have.

At The Gum Studio we accept and treat all patients whether they have private health insurance or not.


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Convenient, central location. 

Find us at 252 Stirling St, Perth WA 6000.

  • Central location with on-site client parking

  • Ample free and metered street parking

  • Close to all freeways – Graham Farmer, Mitchell and Kwinana

  • Walking distance to CBD

  • Walking distance to Central Busport, Perth Station & Perth Underground

  • Cycle way

  • Independently accessible practice & facilities for all clients

A photo of Perth city at golden hour, taken by Nathan Hurst.
A photo of several dental tools.

Safety is our priority.

All products used in our practice will have passed the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) process which confirms safety for use on Australian citizens. We will not use imported goods, devices, products or medications on you if they have not passed these stringent safety tests.

A photo of dental tools inside a model mouth.

HICAPS Information

At The Gum Studio, we have decided not to use HICAPS for various reasons. 

While HICAPS can be convenient for patients to process health insurance claims and payments, we have found that it can also create administrative burdens and technical issues that can affect the quality of care we provide. 

Additionally, we believe that relying on HICAPS can limit our ability to provide personalized financial guidance and support to our patients. Instead, we have developed our own streamlined processes for managing insurance claims and payments, which allow us to focus on providing the best possible dental care to our patients.

There are also some potential data privacy concerns that patients should be aware of. One of the main data privacy concerns with HICAPS is the collection, sharing and storage of personal information. When patients use HICAPS to process their insurance claims, they may be required to provide personal information such as their name, date of birth, health insurance details, and other sensitive data. This information is then transmitted electronically between the healthcare provider, HICAPS, and the health insurance provider, creating potential security risks.

We have chosen to be independent of third parties and value your personal information and thank you for your understanding and support.

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